Home moving can be stressful

We all know that moving to a new residence is going to be stressful. "The general sense of confusion and disorder can make moving both physically and emotionally stressful. While packing, moving, dusting, and sorting take a toll on energy and attention, short tempers and chaos drain the emotions." (Oesterreich, Lesia (April 2004). "Understanding children: moving to a new home". Iowa State University.)

According to the Holmes and Rahe stress scale a change of residence is considered a stressful activity (20 points out of 100)

Moving can be particularly stressful for children and is sometimes associated with long-term problems. Moving can differ in its effects for toddlers, preschool-age kids, or school-age kids. Communicating with children to help them process the move is crucial to making the move as seamless as possible.

As well as communicate clearly and honestly with your children, you can help with the stress of moving by hiring professional movers. professional movers will make your move easier. Many smaller moving companies are not insured. Many large corporate movers are too expensive. Barry's Moving and Storage is just right for your next next move to Victoria, or your next move to Vancouver.