Do your due diligence before hiring a moving company

A Montreal couple is just now recovering from a nightmare move that had their belongings held hostage for the last eight months. Any business can suffer bad times and management glitches, just make sure you are not the one caught up in someone else's bad management while it is your life being moved.

The couple were allegedly given a specific quote to move their whole life. Then before anything was unloaded the quote suddenly went up three times the original price. When the couple refused to pay the ransom, their belongings were held for eight months while the company floundered. They did finally get their belongings back, but what a headache!

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The Canadian Association of Movers says protect yourself from rogue movers by following these important steps:

  • Do your homework by researching online and reading reviews of the company;
  • Call the Better Business Bureau and ask the company for references;
  • Be careful when paying cash.

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