Decluttering a Lifetime of Belongings

There is a lot more to moving than simply calling your moving company. Moving house from your lifelong home to a smaller house, apartment or retirement community can be daunting. Downsizing can be emotionally challenging because we are essentially getting rid of our history.

See our Moving Tips Section for additional information.

  • Make lists and set completion times;
  • Do a little each day;
  • Start small. Do your drawers, bookshelves and closets first;
  • Get a friend to help;
  • Fill a lot trash bags with the stuff you know you will never use;
  • Call and book a donation pickup for items that can be reused.

It really helps to have someone with you when downsizing and moving belongings. A professional moving service can also help a lot. Victoria BC has such an option with the Downsizing Diva - Serving Victoria, Sidney & the Saanich Peninsula They specialize in moving seniors, as well as many other helpful services